Pricing Plans

We appreciate that different clients have different requirements and different budgets. To accommodate this we have a range of pricing plans to choose from. Here is a summary of the service at each price level (for full details please refer to the table further down the page).

Please note that...

All our service levels include Tweet Forensics to convert the Twitter followers we attract into potential leads.

There is no long term contract - we believe the best way to run a sustainable business is to provide a service that gives our clients a great ROI so they want to remain engaged for the long term.

We don't have any set-up charges or hidden costs - all we ask is that you pay for your first month's service in advance.


Tweet for More Business (Silver) + Tweet Forensics   US$345  £195+VAT per month 

This affordable service provides a strong and consistent Twitter presence. We will connect with numerous, new, relevant people or businesses every day giving consistent follower growth. We will also post regular tweets throughout the day, every day. Also included is our unique weekly Tweet Forensics report lisitng recently connected leads with contact details.

Many of our clients find this level attractive as it avoids 60+ hours per month performing tedious daily Twitter tasks, whilst leaving them the option to enhance the service to our Gold level (or higher) themselves with a small amount of time on Twitter each day.

Ideal for businesses on a tight budget but with a small amount of time to commit to Twitter each day.


Tweet for More Business (Gold) + Tweet Forensics   US$495  £295+VAT per month 

This is our most popular service - it has all the benefits of our Silver package but with 50% more daily acitivity which will result in more impressions, followers and a larger Tweet Forensics report each week. We will also monitor inbound enquiries and provide an initial reply so potential customers are quickly serviced. Ad hoc tweeting and other extra activities such as running Twitter based competitions are also included.

Ideal for businesses with little time for using Twitter themselves but requiring maximum benefits from it.


Tweet for More Business (Platinum) + Tweet Forensics   US$795  £495+VAT per month 

This is our enhanced package with all the features of our Silver and Gold packages but with even more daily activity. In addition we will set-up and manage your Twitter Ad campaign allowing promotion of your messages on a pay-per-click basis using Twitter's Lead Generation Cards, integrating data transfer over to your CRM or eMail system (where supported by Twitter). 

Ideal for businesses who want an enhanced level of service beyond Gold along with Twitter Ads support.


Tweet for More Business (Platinum Plus) + Tweet Forensics   US$1,495  £995+VAT per month 

This service builds on our Silver/Gold Platinum packages by including integrated telesales, posting to your Facebook or LinkedIn account and up to 60 minutes of telephone consultation per week and to review and refine your social media strategy.

Ideal for businesses with a regularly changing marketing message, regular new offers or with special requirements for their on-line marketing strategy.


Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system   POA 

This simple yet extremely powerful cloud based system allows you to manage your leads and communicate with the people that matter both within your business and to external support services such as telesales. You can segment leads, attach documents, create email campaigns, assign and manage tasks and create management reporting for full support of all your sales and marketing needs. This service can be added to any of the standard services described above.

An essential tool for any business who is serious about managing their leads and prospects effectively and efficiently.


Integrated Telesales Service (UK and North America)   POA 

This professional UK based service removes the workload of telephone work from you and provides a painless way of converting the leads created by Tweet4MoreBiz and Tweet Forensics into qualified opportunities who are expecting to hear from you. This service can be added to any of the standard services described above and is especially effective when integrated with a CRM system.

Ideal for businesses without the in-house skills, training or resources to utilise the leads supplied via Tweet Forensics each week.

The following service elements are provided within each service level:

Service Element Silver
Platinum Plus
We will create your Twitter account (if required) tick tick tick tick
We will optimise the design of your Twitter page for maximum impact tick tick tick tick
We will write a minimum of this many Tweets for you incorpotating client supplied images and videos 60 80 100 100+
We will tweet for you this number of times every day 4 6 8 8
We will send this many relevant retweets every day 2 2 2 2
We will follow at least this many relevant and active people every day (on average) 100 150 200 250
We will perform a daily sweep and remove people who haven't followed back after a reasonable time period tick tick tick tick
We will send you a weekly Tweet Forensics report showing your best recent opted-in followers with their location, website address, phone number & email address and a contact name (where available) tick tick tick tick
We will provide a weekly CSV file of your Tweet Forensics data ready to import into Excel, Mailchip or CRM system tick tick tick tick

Optional extra service to further enhance your Tweet Forensics report data with additional more involved activities and techniques

We will provide a report every 4 weeks detailing key statistics including follower growth, tweet volumes, impression & engagement rates, top performing tweets etc. tick tick tick tick
We will send ad-hoc tweets  and run Twitter based competitions as required   tick tick tick
We will send a suitable and timely reply to inbound customer tweets and direct messages   tick tick tick
We will engage in complete conversations with any useful inbound customer tweets or direct messages     tick tick
We will set up and tweet using Twitter Lead Generation Cards     tick tick
We will set up and manage your Twitter Ads pay-per-click campaign (requires separate marketing budget)     tick tick
We will update your Facbook or LinkedIn account up to 3 times a week       tick
We will give up to 60 minutes telephone consultation per week to review/refine your Twitter account's strategy       tick
Integrated CRM - to manage your leads effectively and efficiently within your business and with telesales services POA POA POA POA
Integrated Telesales Service - we will call the relevant contacts identified on the weekly Tweet Forensics report and provide a short-list of warm leads (UK and North America) POA POA POA POA


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